I love this fresh healthy place that is called

The Clean Plate.


Whenever I go to The Clean Plate I know I’m going to want to order every salad and wrap on the menu. I always stare at the vegan mac and cheese but have yet to get it. I have to act on it soon!

I opted to order the Thai Peanut Salad because the peanut dressing was, in fact, calling my name! I love mushroom and avocado and this salad had all that! To make this salad even better I ordered a side a sautéed tofu for extra protein and a side of beets…. because I know beets are a ton good for you and I’m trying to make myself like them… so there’s that. I prefer my salads to be chopped so, although I ate most of it there, I did have sommmee to take home. When I got home I used kitchen scissors to cut up the salad. This makes the large leafy greens a more manageable size.

The Clean Plate Thai Peanut Salad

My friend ordered the Southwest Salad which from the way it was described I will likely have very soon as in maybe as soon as tomorrow since my gym is about 25 feet away.

Although I almost always choose to cook over buying prepared food.

If I am hungry, busy, and in a super rush I will definitely stop there. The Clean Plate Southwest Salad

As far as the restaurant style you can either get food to go, like I usually do, or if you have a little time to spend eat there and have a super casual dining experience.

The Clean Plate Southwest Salad

The Clean Plate is under the same ownership of the Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak, MI. Same concept and same good food!