• chocolate beet smoothie

    Chocolate beet smoothie

    Yes Beets and Yes! This is actually really good!  A chocolate beet smoothie!   This chocolate beet smoothie is so refreshing not to mention the color is beyonnndd beautiful. I have been really getting into beets lately I was NOT a fan before but I have been slowly trying them out and they aren’t so …

  • Spiced Paradise Smoothie

    Spiced Paradise Smoothie

    Mango Spice Blood Orange Paradise Smoothie A spicy bright smoothie to certainly wake up your taste buds! This Spiced Paradise Smoothie will make you warm when it’s cold and gives you a feeling that you are in paradise. Frozen mango and blood orange give this smoothie a very fun color that is guaranteed to make you smile. The ginger …

  • Morning Superfood Smoothie

    Morning Superfood Smoothie

    It’s morning time. I’m hungry and tired. This is my morning. I need to get out of this slump and get my subconscious focused on having a productive and healthy day. This smoothie is easy and quick to make. Basically. Yummiest daysaver ever!        I start with brewing espresso so I can let that …