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    Recap: Rugby grille

    With the name “Rugby Grille” I would assume that this place is casual, but because I’ve heard about it from others I knew it was more upscale. You walk into this place and feel like you’ve been transported to one of the more elegant places in the 1930’s. The old school elegant vibe was perfect. …

  • Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

    Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

    Super Tasty Salmon Croquettes The secret ingredient in these salmon croquettes SWEET POTATOES! These are really easy to make and they only take 5 minutes to cook. If you have a busy day ahead of you it’s too easy to mix the ingredients and and cook them later when you have no time to full out …

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    Protein packed breakfast

        I love breakfast food and I love salmon. As much as I wanted smoked salmon I only had fresh salmon on hand and decided to just go with baking that. This is a high protein breakfast that kept me satisfied for hourssss!!  I seasoned the Quinoa to perfection and sautéed baby portebella mushrooms, sweet …