I will be so happy when I can have raw honey in my tea again!

It’s not that I don’t love this cleanse of refined sugar thing the fact that I cut out raw honey too just makes me sad. Fruit definitely helps but I drink a lot of tea and I’ll be able to use honey again Monday.

I’m drinking mint tea right now and although the last thing I need this late at night is any type of sugar I still want it. 😶
But I’m happy I’m not adding it now.

So I actually didn’t have any time to cook today. Whoops 😬
I had an intense craving for carbs today. And it was the first day I didn’t eat any nuts. I already ate all the ones I had! So I just wanted to eat potatoes and more potatoes. And basically I did.
I also chopped up some more raw garlic! Not my favorite part of the day still but the great benefits outweigh the bad taste.


I drink this tea after I finish the garlic and it’s great at getting rid of the smell!

What I ate today.

Breakfast: More quinoa and rice same thing I had yesterday. Weird for breakfast, I know, but you do what you gotta go when you’re busy. Forgot I had a house warming party to attend and a gift to buy! Had to keep my promise to attend.

Lunch: Went to the house warming and all I could eat was the potatoes which I loved! and salad. So I had two plates of potatoes. There were 3 different types of cakes there… I’ll just leave it at that.




Dinner: 3 veggie hot dogs, potatoes and more salad.

– 1 more day! Still good energy!