The day after Thanksgiving! After getting about 7 hours of sleep I felt super refreshed. I usually need 8-9 hours but today 7 hours was just as good! I’m so happy that I started this no refined sugar challenge.

 I’ve still been taking garlic every day just cutting up the cloves and chasing it with almond milk. I actually can stand the taste and smell of garlic now so that’s another improvement. Everything that I ate today was pretty much grab and go. I didn’t have any time to cook because I wanted to spend all the day studying so that’s where I put most of my time and that’s why my meals are pretty basic.

I feel more alert and my mind is clearer. Definitely able to concentrate more. I spent hours doing homework. I was engaged doing the work and didn’t waste time.

What I ate today.

Breakfast: Plain steel cut oats with berries and almonds.

Lunch: Thanksgiving leftovers, of course! 😋

Dinner: This whole pouch! See it’s with garlic I AM eating things with garlic. And I added pineapple to this dish. It was very easy and fast to make.

And more Kombucha really like this kind. It’s spicy!

I can’t wait to cook food tomorrow! I’ll have more time and, of course, cooking is one of my favorite things to do!

-feeling rejuvenated.