Had my sugarless sweet potatoes! (Never thought I would be excited to say that) 🤔 but anyways, as a result, Thanksgiving wasn’t that bad after all!

I survived yes, I’m still alive. I wanted to eat the cake, pies, and donuts, my favorite! But I didn’t which is amazing I literally almost relapsed 15 times but I just walked away really fast like I was literally running away from the craving. If we could measure how much I wanted to eat dessert on a scale of 1-10 a 22!

No lie!

But I just focused on the vegan macaroni and cheese, tofurkey, some real turkey (because I’m not super strict), and greens!

By Christmas I’ll have gained some self control and will be able to eat some desserts again. So this sugar rehab will be worth it! Well hopefully I’ll have gained some self control….

By Sunday I can actually start eating whatever I want again, but for now I’m only going to go back to eating raw honey, as far as sweets. Saving the good stuff like donuts, cakes, and pies to special occasions and not every other day like I’ve been use to.
What I ate today.

Breakfast: Kombucha and pistachios. Didn’t have much time to eat anything else. I woke up just in time to get ready and leave out to finish the sugar less sweet potatoes. Plus it’s Thanksgiving so all I really wanted was a plate of Thanksgiving food!

Side note: I make my own Kombucha usuuallyy but I haven’t been doing that lately so I need to get back to it. I really like my homemade Kombucha the best! But this one is a good second option. And f.y.i adding chia seeds is a great option to keep you full and add nutrients to whatever you’re drinking!

Lunch: Sweet potatoes and greens.

A mock of my plate. Of course I’m missing soooo much more food. But whose plate really looks like this on Thanksgiving? If it does preeettyyy sure you are doing this day wrong… I know mine was mounds of food as much as I could fit. Nothing pretty about it and I definitely didn’t think about taking a picture. Shame I didn’t get to have any cranberry sauce. I make a really good one and for Christmas it’s going to be better because I have some great ideas I can’t wait to share!


I made the sugar-less sweet potatoes with pineapple, raisins, cinnamon, ginger, and almond milk and they were actually really good! Because I haven’t eaten refined sugar for so many days they seemed sweet enough with no extra sugar.


Turkey, tofurkey (which I actually preferred), vegan mac and cheese, and greens. Later on I had more sweet potatoes and of course I had extra helpings of everything. Because that’s what you do on Thanksgiving!

So I don’t feel deprived once I got over the fact that I couldn’t eat dessert which was a constant battle in my mind. I tried to talk myself into it while also trying to talk myself out. I think if I wasn’t writing this everyday I might have actually have had some. So I’m thankful for this blog 😅 including so many other things and people I love.

Today was a success and I’m so happy about it!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!