Today was easy peaszzy I mean which is scary because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it won’t be easy. I might have to hide in a corner curled in a ball because of all the Thanksgiving Foods I love and won’t be able to eat, especially the sweet potatoes , (oh god the sweet potatoes ) I’m gonna miss you. But it’s so much sugar in a regular sweet potato dish so maybe I’ll just bring a sweet potato or eat one before. 🤔😅 Or perhaps I’ll come up with a sugar free sweet potato recipe tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow maybbe difficult but today, today was great.

No mood swings and no fatigue.

I’m going into Thanksgiving putting my mind to only wanting savory and fresh food. Eating any fruit or non sweetened vegetable I can find. Gonna do my best with ingredient checking so I’ll let you know how that goes!

What I ate today.

Breakfast: mangos and a lot more pistachios.

Lunch: Veggie burger and mixed vegetables seasoned with lemon pepper.
Snack: Nut and berry trail mix!
Dinner: Tofu scramble with lots of sweet peppers.

No coffee today. Instead I had chocolate pu-erh tea and added almond milk. There is no sugar in this tea.

Also a I’ve been drinking a lot of this tea. The taste and smell is so good! There’s a lot of great herbs in here including cardamom, clove, and ginger so you can imagine the smell is amazing!

-staying strong  💪🏽