This morning I was extra groggy. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed in fact the only reason why I got out of my nice, warm, and comfortable bed is to let my dog out. I promised myself “As soon as I let Sophie out I’m getting right back in the bed” but after I was dressed I decided, “I might as well put these dishes up and clean out my sink” while I was putting the dishes up I thought, “I might as well make some tea since I’m up” and then making tea turned into making food which started off my much more productive day. All thanks to Sophia gotta love dogs. 💖

I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of sugar intake but I feel like I’ve been over compensating with fat. Olive oil drizzled over asparagus much more than I usually use, walnuts, peanuts(I never eat peanuts but that’s all they have in the vending at work), avocado, and more nuts. 🤔

It was so much easier just eating sugar. But “Nothing worth having comes easy.” -Theodore Rosevelt 💁🏽

This coffee drink I made is so good it’s something I look forward to but I drink it slow so it can last throughout the day. I only use 2-3 ounces of coffee, filled up the glass with unsweetened almond milk, and topped with cinnamon.

Was trying to figure out why I’m being so lazy and mean today …thinking it’s because I can’t eat the things I love 😒. 🍰🍫🍦🎂🍬🍪🍩🍮 oh well! at least I got to eat.

What I ate today.

Breakfast: plain oatmeal with cinnamon and walnuts. (Lots!)

Lunch: Quinoa and veggie soup with nutritional yeast. (Love that stuff) it’s full of vitamins and gives your soup a cheesy flavor but it’s vegan!

Snack: Mangos, a whole avocado, peanuts, and a lot more peanuts.

Dinner: More quinoa and veggie soup and roasted asparagus topped with nutritional yeast.
I had a mood dip today mid day and felt really tired like it took over so I had to put my head down and take a break from work. It passed in 10 minutes. I drank more water and I feel a little better.
-Feeling optimistic but drained.