Sugar Rehab: Day 2

The hardest part is remembering that I’m actually not eating refined sugar! I keep reaching for stuff or almost drinking pop. But eating sugar is a habit I’m going to have to break. I have made it this far… which isn’t that far but all of two days.

Today I thought about eating a three musketeers for 20 minutes. I thought about the consistency I thought about how happy it would make me, if only I could just eat a three musketeers but I did NOT eat a Three Musketeers so I can’t say that I am “proud” of that decision YET because I still want that three musketeers 💭💭🍫🍫
I am still feeling okay and steady. Just a little bit tired and hungry. I could always have more food I am going to eat some more in a little bit for now let’s get to my favorite part!

 What I Ate Today

This morning I had steel cut oats.
I added cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, and mixed berries to my oats.

Then I had a chicken shawarma with an extra side of pickles! and roasted asparagus.

So once again I do not like garlic and this was the first time I tried a shawarma and did not want to throw up. See I AM making myself like garlic and honestly the garlic sauce wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Definitely a mind over matter thing and it just might be working! I just finished the rest of it I liked it I would eat it again with the
Same mixed fruit with cayenne pepper and ginger.

And some of this stuff to keep me going throughout my works shifts. And by some I mean like 1 ounce I don’t do caffeine too much and this has a ton. But I am grateful for this and it was pretty delicious. I had it straight but I can’t wait to try it with milk.

So my energy level is fine I don’t feel much different than yesterday other than being a bit more tired because I’ve been working all day. I am good besides the thoughts of a three musketeers. Because I would get one about three times a week and thats a lot for me because I use to eat hardly ever eat candy bars. So I’m just dealing with that small craving and Hopefully I’ll be OK and it will pass. So yahh and other than having a little bit of a headache, which is probably because I am maybe slacking on water. I am fine and still going strong.