Day 1 no refined sugar

Today was the first day I decided to stop eating refined sugar. I am doing fine so far and the first day I expected it to be easy so this is no big deal. I’m staying away from honey for right now today is Sunday so maybe I’ll introduce honey back into my diet next Sunday also hm no I don’t know what’s going on today is Saturday yesterday was Friday what am I talking about.🤔 Anyways maybe I’ll introduce honey back into my diet next Sunday still because I want to make it through next weekend with hopefully a clear mind for my 11 Chemistry labs I’m behind on.

Which leads me to one reason I’m doing this no refined sugar thing. 

Eating no refined sugar will give you a clearer mind and more focus so that’s what I’m after because I’m desperate! I am very behind in school right now I need all the help that I can get so this week the third worst week I could have picked (it’s Thanksgiving week) I am going through sugar rehab.
Whatever I have to do to pass these classes!

One other reason a big one for what made me do this is yesterday I had a nice size slice of apple pie and then 4-5 donuts….5 donuts if I were to be honest and I’m being honest. I then proceeded to drink Fanta of different flavors all night long and then about 2-3 hours after my binge I thought I was having a heart attack. Now I usually eat about 4 to 5 donuts whenever I get around donuts because I have no self-control! But I never felt like this before….a combination of pie, donuts, and soda = I thought I was going to die at my job. I don’t want to die at my job nor from ingesting too many donuts ….as much as I love donuts obviously I don’t want to go out like that.

As a result, I googled why my heart was racing Google knows all. I then found out the most likely reason my heart was racing was most likely, due to the fact, that all I ate last night was sugar. It was actually disgusting but yummy but disgusting .. anyways….I felt like I was going to die so when I googled I found that refined sugars were the reason why I felt like I was going to fall on the floor. The fact that I just ate so much of it gave me an intense sugar high and I could become diabetic from this way of eating so I have to slow down. I’m going to go through this detox I’m not eating sugars and let you know what happens.

What I ate today.

 An avocado when I woke up.

A mix of mango, strawberry, peaches pineapple and I like to sprinkle cayenne pepper on my fruit along with Ginger.

I also had mixed berries consisting of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds.

I made a veggie burger with asparagus and tomato for dinner and used hot sauce with no sugar.

I can’t leave out that I had kombucha! I love this stuff and it makes me feel more alert and the chia seeds in this add fiber and protein.

I picked up the Whole Foods brand garlic hummus and ate the whole 8 serving container with 2 whole sliced 1 yellow and 1 red pepper and some unsalted saltine crackers.

Side note-I hate garlic I’m trying to eat more of it because it’s anti-aging when eaten raw so I’ve been swallowing cut up cloves of garlic and I hate every second of it. Chasing the garlic with milk helps with the taste. I’m doing it for my skin and garlic has tons of benefits so I’m testing this out and will see what happens. I plan on making myself like it. Along with the sugar detox I’m gonna probably lose my mind! but we’ll see hopefully when I get my mind back it will be healthier and I can put it to better use.
I’ll keep you updated on this roller coaster ride should be fun and by that I mean it sounds like it might be horrible.

-peace, love, and unsweetened iced tea.