Today I went to a play and was greeted by a table of infamous sugar covered nuts and stared at them for WAAYYY TOOO long.

The devil in disguise smh…
When I saw these in little bags at the entrance table my heart leaped for joy.

But I turned away and DID NOT GET ANY.

*Small Victory*

Today has been tough I have wanted chocolate all night because it’s the chocolate wanting time of month (if you know what I mean). I instead made myself eat mangos covered in waay too much cayenne pepper. Including the same mixed fruit I’ve been eating everyday which is awesome I love it but now I’m running out because I’ve literally been eating it every day. But even with all the spicy fruit I was still craving chocolate (shocking)… not!..

I actually had that mocha cold brew which helped a liiittle 👌🏾<<that much to be precise….because as you know there’s no sugar in that coffee drink so it’s not sweet like I was looking for. I did add cinnamon and milk to the cold brew and it was very good I’ll definitely be buying that in a bigger bottle. My weekend has been crazy and it was perfect and very convenient. All I had to do was pour a couple ounces along with milk in a cup and I was ready to go. Lightening speed fast compared to brewing coffee that I had no time to do.


Welp after this work filled weekend and no sugar. My personality is shot and sleep is calling my name. But on to the good stuff.

                                   What I Ate Today
For breakfast I had a tofu scramble with roasted                     potatoes and two veggie sausages. 😋😋

Lunch was plain steel cut oats and spicy cayenne pepper covered mixed fruit. Same as the last two days. 👍🏾

Dinner was a veggie burger and a whole avocado.

Tomorrow the food diary will be more fun 💄🎉

     Today I was so busy working so……God is fair 🙌 🙃🙃