It was time to switch it up from basic Guacamole and soo I did!

I’m so extra! I loved the idea of extra veggies in my guac so I decided to do it and keep everything chunky! I always want to add even more ingredients every time I make this but for simplicity’s sake I am sticking to these ingredients for this post. Feel free to add more veggies if desired. Personally I love sautéed mushrooms, as I’ve mentioned in the past! So I would not hesitate to add them!

For this “recipe” there are no exact ingredient amounts. I add however much I have I usually go equal parts veggies usually a cup or so and always use about 2 avocados. I only use about 1/4 cups chopped onions only because I’m not a huge fan of onions but grilled onions are decent and bring a nice flavor to this dish. For the seasonings I use 1/4 teaspoons of each and adjust depending on how big of a batch you’re making.

One of the most important parts is after sautéing all the vegetables except for the avocado let them cool before you mix them with the avocados. Cooling the vegetables prevent the avocado from browning. While letting the vegetables cool cut up the avocado into small squares. You do these so they will be easier to mash but not too smooth since this is meant to be chunky

This is a great snack to have out at a party along with some drinks for an extra festive time.

I made this drink up to go with this dish. I’ll be posting it Saturday! It’s very full flavor and complements the dish.