Okay simply casual great place for vegan and vegetarian options in midtown Detroit. They offer beer, hard ciders, wine, liqour, smoothies, and shakes. 

 As for parking it’s not my favorite and it’s hard to find. It’s down a alley on the side of the building. The parking lot is rocks and dirt and is very uneven. Not a big deal but just be aware. 

So on to the important part the food!

 To begin my favorite dish here so far is the Mushroom French Dip. I always order this with vegan Daiya mozzarella cheese and a side of yam fries. I live for these fries and can’t see myself going to Seva and not ordering them. The sauce on the side, spicy mayo, is heaven super creamy and flavorful. 

My last visit I ordered a grilled avocado appetizer with salsa and chips to start, this was on the specials menu. It was great as an appetizer to share between 2 people. 

As for the entree I ordered the chargrilled veggie salad as a main dish. It was a nice size although I could eat it in one sitting if I ordered just that. I opted to get the almond cheese. The almond cheese which I never had before came in the form of two cheese balls. I didn’t particularly care for the texture or serving style. In my opinion this salad should be served with crumbled almond cheese. But if you like almond cheese go for it and maybe ask for the almond cheese to be diced.The yam fries on the side with a side of spicy mayo …per usual. Get them! Period enough said.. 😁

Xoxo- Brandie