Vegan alert! *** 

Your new favorite vegan sandwich.

 I wouldn’t be a true friend if I didn’t share this sandwich! It’s thee perfect combination for a hearty yet summer time feel grilled “cheese”. Peaches and tomato with light and juicy abundant flavors to this sandwich while cheese, spinach balsamic vinaigrette , and pepper bring savory dense meal time feel good vibes. 
This sandwich makes me do that happy food dance! I literally jump after I finish making this and my mouth waters whenever I think about it. 
Make this and you’ll know what I mean! 😆
Grown up version of your childhood favorite snack! 
Get your bread, I use rye bread because it’s my favorite and I had it on hand but I’m thinking you can use whatever kind you like. 

Layer on as much Daiya mozzarella cheeses a you want definitely at least enough to cover the bread slices 

 Grab a peach dice it 

Place it on one side of the bread like so.. I used 1/2 a peach

Tomato in hand… I used a little less than half.

just cover the bread dash of cayenne pepper and sprinkle some black pepper.

Handful of spinach 
And pour balsamic vinaigrette on other half of bread over cheese about 1 teaspoon 

Using whatever oil of choice I use coconut oil because I love it I use it on everything.
Place both slices of bread up on the skillet letting the cheese melt for 5 minutes on medium heat.

Take side with less ingredients place on top and continue cooking to let cheese glue both slices of bread together.
Once cheese is melted take sandwich of skillet and since in half to reveal the beautiful layers of yumm you are about to devour. 

Enjo!… maybe make one for a friend because you’re gonna want someone to share this moment with. 😄