Super Tasty Salmon Croquettes

Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

The secret ingredient in these salmon croquettes SWEET POTATOES! These are really easy to make and they only take 5 minutes to cook. If you have a busy day ahead of you it’s too easy to mix the ingredients and and cook them later when you have no time to full out cook a meal. I would even freeze these before you cook them so you can have them on hand throughout the week.

I use canned salmon bought from Sam’s club and there are no bones or skin to worry about.

Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

Season with paprika, dill, black pepper, crushed red pepper, and salt to taste. Also to keep it really interesting throw in a chopped pepper. I love using yellow or red pepper in this recipe.

To cook the sweet potato I poke it with a fork all over to put holes in it and microwave for 5 minutes. Chop up pepper and add all ingredients to bowl including one egg to help everything stick together.

TIP: Dip in parmesan cheese and then panko bread crumbs to create a crispy, cheesy outer layer.

If you a have never used Ghee before buy it and use it! It is a must have and it makes everything taste so much better. Ghee is clarified butter and it puts regular butter to shame. I use this kind <<<click link… is amazing.

Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

Another really easy way to make these taste and look fancy is to serve them with a balsamic reduction!

Salmon Sweet Potato Croquettes

The balsamic reduction I make is balsamic vinegar, honey, and you can add cinnamon if you like. I love it! Heat on stove or in microwave. And serve with croquettes.