At Streetside Seafood where the seafood was an outstanding complement to my glasses on glasses of rośe. 💁🏽

The dim lighting and small space made it an intimate experience perfect for a casual date night. If you are in the mood for seafood but want to try something different from the usual, this resturant creates a new take on signature dishes.

The tuna tartare, albeit a standard dish, stood apart from others being made with honey lime vinaigrette and malanga chips gave the dish a Spanish twist.

Just from the Pan Roasted Salmon I would visit again to order this meal but many more items on the menu caught my attention. This salmon was served with lentils, tomatoes, shallots, and aged balsamic to make a nice dressing and bed for the salmon. I wish I could have finished it but between the lentils in this dish and the appetizer I was getting quite full.

There is a specials menu so there’s always something new to try. Just when you thought you had it all there is always something new. There’s actually something on their specials menu right now I need to try, the Barramundi literally everything in that dish sounds amazing.

-Brandie Hodges