We came to The Row after a long day at my younger brothers track and field meet. I initially called an hour before we got there asking if they took reservations to ensure when we arrived our party of five hungry people would be seated rather quickly. But they only took reservations for parties of 13 or more but there was no wait so no worries. When we arrived there was a 30-45 minute wait, still no worries though we couldn’t control waiting because they don’t take reservations right? We put our name on the waitlist.
About 5 minutes later a party of 8 walked in stating they had reservations 🤔They were sat right away, of course, this confused me because I just called an hour before we arrived and I was told they didn’t take reservations. Surely their rules don’t change that fast. To clear up this apparent misconception I asked the hostess if they took, “call ahead seating” maybe they call it that? Since he may have been confused when I asked for reservations. The host told me that only when they have a wait do they take reservations and if they don’t have a wait they don’t take reservations. OK got it! But that’s confusing. I wish that I would’ve known that because then I would have called on our way. Instead of having to wait 45 minutes. But now I know although I’ll probably never go back since I’m not from the area. It’s just something to note that they only take reservations when they have a wait; if you plan on going a little bit later than when you originally call, call right before you leave to put your name on the list ….that is if there is one.

Now I’m ranting but you would think on a Saturday night they would have taken my name and the time at which we would be arriving in preparation for their wait.


It was redeeming to get a free fried pickle appetizer just for checking in at the resturant on Yelp. I love the fried pickle appetizer because I love fried pickles these were a little bit over battered like way too much crunch which is barely even possible, perhaps it was just too thin of a pickle? but hey they were free, came out fast, and we were hungry so they were gone right away.

I saw a lot of people writing about the chicken fried chicken so of course we decided to get the chicken fried chicken. My mom and I split the chicken entree and the veggie plate entrée which gives you a choice of three sides. We chose bourbon sweet potatoes, cheese grits, and fried okra. Hands down our favorite side was the bourbon sweet potatoes! They reminded me of my “turn up yams” I make on Christmas and Thanksgiving just the right amount of smoky bourbon mixed with the sweet mashed potatoes harmoniously. The fried okra was crispy and fresh so not too mushy.

So the veggie plate picks were a success but really the main star was the chicken fried chicken. An easy all American dish that anyone with a right mind would enjoy. A layered dish of fried onion straws, crispy fried chicken, and mashed potatoes. This is something at least one person at your table should get and you guys should share it, it’s definitely a must. Don’t come to this Resturant and skip out on this dish.

Now I know it’s hard to believe but after all that food I still got dessert! I was eyeing the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie before I even arrived at the restaurant and thankfully my little cousin was too, because after all that food I was going to need help, ….he graciously decided he would split it with me. 😄  It was the perfect balance of hot goey chocolatey goodness and ice cream. We managed to finish it off with a liitttllee bit of my grandmothers help. I was stuffed but I regret nothing! 😅

As for drinks, I first ordered the Bold Rock hard cider to keep it light but quickly after I decided against that option and tried to change my order. I asked the server but he said he already put the order in….Bummer. So I hoped I would be surprised and like this hard cider.

Not surprising I wasn’t a fan it was too much like apple juice for me. I like my hard cider full of spice and this one was bland not very bold at all, despite the name. So I ordered another drink that looked more exciting. Which was the Strawberry PB&J! A spirit blended beer. This drink comes together by combining the Tailgate Peanut Butter milk stout with a shot of a Pennington’s Strawberry Rye. I really liked this combination! The peanut butter milk stout was slightly bitter but very enjoyable even if you’re not the biggest fan of beer. If you kiinnnda like or are willing to try beer and enjoy a peanut butter and jelly combo I would suggest this. It isn’t sweet at all but still just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just with no sweetness.