This was our first restaurant stop in Miami and because it was Valentine’s Day I wanted to make sure the food was going to be phenomenal wherever we decided to go and after checking out a couple places online this Resturant from the menu and pictures looked perfect. It’s right off Collins avenue next so it’s central and easy to find. 
Starting off the salmon ceviche was very fresh and bright with flavor it set the tone for the rest of the meal. 

I knew I wanted the corn empanadas before I even arrived in Miami! I saw them on the menu and because they were stuffed with a mushroom salad and corn salsa I was sold. They lived up to the hype in my mind. Have you ever liked a food item so much you eat it slowly just to savor every piece? That’s what I did. Even the two sauces were good I literally wiped the plate clean of those sauces. I don’t eat shrimp so I didn’t try any of the rock shrimp but I heard they were very good as well. 

For my entree I ordered the Pionono I loovveee plantains and if I see a dish served with plantains I’m 9 times out of 10 ordering that dish. In the past when I try something with plantains it is sweeter but this was different it was savory not sweet at all. I’m not complaining the dish came together very nicely with a assortment of vegetables and a tomato and black bean sauce. 

How could I forget about my drink I ordered the Lychee miami and it was pretty sweet lol so I guess that makes up for the sweetness I was expecting in my entree. Definitely stir this drink because the syrup will settle and you’ll get a taste of it all at the bottom. I like sweet so I still enjoyed this drink but just a heads up. 
The service here was amazing all of our food came out fast and the waitress was right there when it did to explain every dish and see if we needed anything. She was very sweet.
This Resturant is small and intimate not too ritzy feeling but great for a romantic date.