Key West Eats.

If you are traveling to Key West I have some great recommendations for food, a hotel, and some awesome dessert.

I love it there. I found the good food and did all the touristy things for you guys. So yes go visit the Hemingway house if you are at all interested in him or if you love cats because there are 55 of them there many with 6 toes. Rent a mini carts to drive around I had fun, you would too. Spend time out in the sun, it’s hard not to. And definitely visit Duval street and look at all the sights it’s the party district, but worth a tour in the day time before it gets too crazy. If you’re into a crazy good time then go for it at night.

Staying at the Southernmost Beach Resort is something I would recommend everyone does and if possible get a water view! It’s the best to wake up to and having your own balcony is so worth it. It’s a huge place and the breakfast view is good there too.

So here we go for food places.

I have to recommend the Southernmost Beach Cafe because of the view and the bagel lox, although a standard, proved to be a winner here too. They served it deconstructed so you are able to make it how you like. They also have a pretty good iced coffee drink with liqour if you are always ready to party.

I love the little French cafes: The Banana cafe and La Grignote.

The Banana cafe is a little bit nicer to me although they are basically the same style. I pretty much fell in love with the interior.

I ordered a crepe there: La Veggie and Avocado, I love crepes, so that may have skewered my opinion towards this place.

The white sangria was okay. I really only like sangria from one place but this one wasn’t too bad just a little sweet. But it’s sangria so most sangria lovers would be okay with that I suppose.

La Grignote felt really authentic and I had another bagel with salmon here. I almost can’t resist when I see this staple item on a breakfast/ brunch menu. Plus this meal included poached eggs and guacamole two more things I just love.

This whip cream alongside the waffle was fresh and thick and the waffle was the right amount of crispy. A very modest portion so you don’t go overboard on your sugar intake.

For dinner

El Siboney is a one of those places off the beaten path you find with amazing food in particular Cuban food! It’s casual and cozy and the food is authentic. This place was packed and the food explained that reason. I ordered the grilled Mahi-Mahi which was topped with onions and I chose mine to be served with plantains (my favorite) and rice.

The sangria is popular here and I find that Cuban restaurants usually have good sangria this place does too.

My favorite dinner place and the classiest place I went to was Martin’s definitely an upscale dining experience.

They had my heart at the baked brie appetizer served with pear and lingonberry marmalade and a mango sauce. It was so good I couldn’t stop eating it almost leaving no room for my entree nevertheless my champagne and wine. I still remember being so stuffed from that night.

For my entree was the Yellowtail “Capri” partly because I like capers so much. I wish I had a never ending stomach.

Amazing dessert spot

The best place I visited was the dessert place called “Better than Sex”. This is someplace you must go after dinner and/ or before going out. The cheesecake was amazing some may say I ate both of these! To which I will reply “no comment….”

How could I resist a cheesecake called popcorn pimp. I could write a book on these cheesecakes but for blogging sake I will keep it short. The salty sweet combo from the popcorn pimp cheesecake was a delectable balance. I ordered that one with a 70% reason being for the name since I’m the pimps pimp… and now you know…… Anywho! Just from the descriptions on their menu will make you want to order one of everything. I never knew I could have so much fun at a sit down resturant.

Also I ordered a drink pretty cute topped with whipped cream.

The staff were all friendly and you could tell they loved working there.

What a blast Key West can be!