What a cute restaurant although it’s a chain it didn’t feel commercialized. The bread is served warm in an easily shareable pre-cut loaf with a side of oil.

As an appetizer instead of choosing one of the listed appetizer items we opted for a caprese salad. Decided a lighter option would be suiting so we could save room for our entrees.

This is one of my favorite type of salads.

Now for the entrees.

 I was deciding between the Grilled Salmon and Salmon Pasta and I chose the grilled salmon because the sweet potatoes in this dish intrigued me. I looked forward to the savory and sweet combination that would become of the salmon and sweet potatoes. I’m very pleased I went with this choice! The same balsamic glaze served in the caprese salad was also drizzled over this dish. I didn’t taste much pesto vinaigrette as the balsamic glaze had a stronger presence. The salmon was flaky and moist and it really took on the sweet flavor of the sweet potatoes. All together the vegetables and the salmon made this a satisfying dish that won’t leave you feeling tired. It isn’t too much for one person, but because I was saving room for dessert I decided to save a portion for leftovers.

The Lobster Ravioli Alla Vodka looked amazing and was delicious, so I heard, as this was my friends dish. I don’t eat lobster so sadly I won’t be able to comment. But it was finished so I take that as a good sign that it would be a satisfying choice. Should you be looking at that as an option.

Dessert my favorite food group.

Deciding between the tiramisu and creme brûlée we chose the tiramisu it’s the coffee flavor that I’ve fallen in love with when eating tiramisu. The stronger that flavor the more I like the tiramisu.

Now this tiramisu was just okay I would give it a 6 out of 10. Only because it wasn’t striking in any way. Almost bland lacking in flavor. Unfortunately the custard consistency was too thin for me.  But the ladyfingers was my favorite part and so I finished that and the sauce surrounding the dessert was tasty as well.

I saw a few other dishes I would love to try if I were in the area, but wouldn’t necessarily make a special trip.

-Brandie Hodges