This vegetarian food was worth making the small trip to Chelsea. They also have a location in the Upper West Side.


Lasagna is my favorite food in the world so I was instantly drawn to that dish. But I could have ordered everything on the menu!



I wasn’t even that hungry and I still finished my appetizer of Cashew Cream Ravioli, I would eat this sauce everyday!


The ravioli is filled with tempeh, mushrooms, pine nuts and spinach… It didn’t look very appetizing but I quickly appreciated the way it was covered in cashew cream sauce. I ate it with no regrets due to the absence of dairy. This cashew cream sauce has a great consistency and was amazing. Nothing here had that wack, fake vegan cheese taste you may have had in the past.


So I ordered lasagna and knew I would be a tough critic since I’ve had some good lasagna in the past. And this being vegan I really wasn’t sure if it would have stood up with the dairy filled lasagnas but it did, I was impressed.


And if both of those dishes weren’t enough I tried the Southern Seitan sandwich as well. I can say I would go here at least once a week for a good 2 months straight only if I lived in the area. There are so many more items I want to try. So ya imagine if I were actually hungry! I would have ordered 5 more things… or at least dessert.

– Brandie Hodges