Came here for the sea salt chocolate chip cookies left with a whole lot more. I would have ordered even more, like the Smashed Avocado sandwich, but they were all out. I’m going back to get one of those asap! Instead I ordered a salad, The Grain Bowl. I’ve actually never had a salad with broccoli rabe and the bed of farro added an interesting and tasty texture twist.

The spring veggie tart was my favorite it was crisp and buttery. And in spite being buttery it still felt a bit healthy filled with veggies: asparagus, leeks, spinach, plus garlic cream.
My soy chai latte was delicious hard to go wrong with one of those and this one did not let me down. So when out and about around midtown I can rely on this place for a good chai.
Two days later! Couldn’t wait very long…

Of course I had to go back for the smashed avocado sandwich! So there I was walking in hoping they were still there and grabbing a smashed avocado sandwich. It was worth going back for I only wish it had more filling. That would be satisfying. But over all the taste of this sandwich is bright and bursting with both fruity and savory flavor. Being that there are both cranberries and pickled onions playing off of each other’s flavor notes. I would recommend this sandwich for a quick bite to eat and would even say it’s filling enough to be lunch all on its own.

So if you reaallyy want to treat yourself get a bakery item! I always do 🙋🏽💁🏽. Glancing at the display muffins, cakes, and cookies too many of them catch my eye. I really don’t know how to decide. But then looking up and seeing a sign for a $3 special on the vegan carrot cake. My decision is made clear when I read that the vegan carrot cake has been voted one of the top ten vegan treats by PETA so I had to try that.

The cream cheese frosting was so incredibly creamy and the carrot cake is very moist. I wish I could make one like it at home. But until the vegan carrot cake fairy comes to my kitchen I will be stopping in here to enjoy this delicious treat.
Service was so nice and helpful and all around the ambiance is hipster and cozy. Great place to get a quick bite and perfect for solo dining.