Staying in New York City!

During Restaurant Week in the City.

I went for a mini getaway and made sure I got in as many food spots as my stomach could take.

First off location…location….. location!

I loved staying in the heart of the city right near Times Square. Easy to walk or catch an uber to anywhere and not spend too much in cash or travel time. Also a good location to see a play, like I did at the Broadhurst Theater.

Anastasia was an amazing show from the singing, to the dancing, and the story. This show will keep you entertained and give you some time to work up an appetite in between meals.

.(below) A video of inside the hotel lobby


The Algonquin Hotel is where I spent my sleeping time. The standard rooms are small but they also have suites if you need more room. It’s not an overly expensive hotel and it’s updated. The Algonquin been around since 1902 and is classy just as if you are in a film starring Audrey Hepburn. Conversation starting art covers  the lobby walls and will be sure to grab your attention. Perhaps the most unique element is, Matilda the cat, if you’re lucky you will see her sitting on the counter at the Conceirge desk. Because of the ambiance the hotel lobby makes a good sitting area for meetings involving food and drinks. If I lived in the area I would come to this hotel and work in the sitting area often. In fact, writers who were members of “The Round Table” did just that. Dorothy Parker gained most of her writing fame from working with these members who would congregate at The Algonquin. Soo you may pick this place in hopes of securing inspiration.

If you are looking to have a late night drink the Blue Bar is connected to the hotel with super cute glitter bar stools, more interesting art work, and surprisee a blue lit bar.

Breakfast at the Algonquin.

Took advantage of the food served right below me. Woke up early to experience their breakfast. Ordered a simple omelette and potatoes which proved to be a good decision. The potatoes were sweeter yet still savory and the omelette left me feeling satisfied.

Another classic breakfast choice. Can’t go wrong.

As for the evening nightcaps.

I enjoyed spending resting time in the Algonquin lobby before heading out to dinner each night because I absolutely adored the sitting area and the wait staff. I look forward to staying here again.

-Brandie Hodges