Named 2941 Street Food 29/41 for the longitude and latitude of Mediterranean and Mideast, which is cute. This Restaurant is nice and inexpensive so it makes for a good quick bite to eat that won’t hurt your budget. And now they have a Detroit location! The others are located in Rochester and Birmingham. When I heard of this new location and saw the menu I knew I had to go!

This place is very well lit with glass windows giving you a view of Woodward and a menu covering the wall full of healthy meal options. It took me a while to decide on what I wanted to order because, honestly I always want to order everything, but with the help of the staff I made a decision. Since we were told the biggest difference between the mini bowl and the honest bowl was the bread and the bread only cost a $1. We got the mini bowls and then ordered 2 sides of bread, the freshly made everyday samoon bread and pita chips. The pita chips were well seasoned but just a bit tooo crunchy for me I preferred the samoon it was so soft and heavenly. I could have eaten the whole thing but decided against it purely for waist size reasons.

We both ordered falafel as our protein and these were some of my favorite falafels usually I either love or hate falafels and these I loved. They were tasty! I ordered my sauce on the side. I liked the variety that came in the bowl, a bit of protein, vegetables, wheat or rice, and a choice of hummus or salad. Definitely happy I got a choice of hummus with my mini bowl. I went with the black bean hummus and organic wheat. The black bean hummus was good but I think I would have enjoyed the regular hummus more. I’m a person who likes to eat a small amount of everything so the mash up of ingredients made me happy.

The garlic sauce wasn’t as garlicky as other places which I actually liked! It made you able to return to normal life without smelling like a vampire repellent. But don’t get me wrong I love the taste of garlic and it’s super good for you… so when I know I’m not going to be in people’s faces for a while I’m all for the garlic breath.

The mini bowl and bread was enough for me to have leftovers, although if I were really hungry I could have easily finished it. But for one person during their lunch time meal it’s enough. I haven’t tried anything else yet but can’t wait to return for more.