Prime 29 Review

Prime 29 Chilean Sea Bass

Sea Bass is one of my favorite pieces of fish so getting one incorrectly cooked can be extremely disappointing. Prime 29 did a fantastic job at cooking this Chilean Sea Bass. My tummy smiled and my face lit up with every bite. I was so excited! I thought to myself how I could do the BEST happy food dance ….if I wasn’t in a resturant at that moment.

A perfectly cooked lightly seasoned to perfection crispy yet just the right amount of mouth watering moisture to have you chew slow and anticipate every flavorFUL bite. 

This Chilean Sea Bass is served over a spread of caramelized cauliflower and pea purée. The dishes components perfectly compliment each other in flavor. A savory mouth watering meal to keep you smiling miles after you’ve driven away from Prime 29. 

Prime 29 mushrooms

I also added a side of mushrooms because why the heck not  I deeply adore sautéed mushrooms and I was not disappointed. 

Now on to the salad which should be first on my review but I couldn’t hold off on telling you about that entree.. It was just that good.

Prime 29 Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Salad a great choice to add a very spring time feel to your meal. 

This plating is a cute way to make the salad really stand by its name. Covered in arugula, mint, feta, and balsamic. The watermelon salad is something light and refreshing to start your meal off with. I would definitely order this again because I love the flavor combo! It is much like something I would make at home and keep for an on the go snack. A salty sweet combination from the feta and watermelon then topped with arugula and mint clears the palate for your future meal. This salad can be eaten alone but it is probably best to share it…because I ate mine alone but was a little too full after my entree which I completely finished too! 😆

Prime 29 Watermelon salad

I hope to get back there soon to try other dishes and I’ll of course let you know how those are!