I’m going to go back to Detroit Vegan Soul 100 more times. It’s a nice little casual place with plenty of options to keep the vegan and curious vegan happy.

As an appetizer I love the black-eyed pea hummus served w/ pickled beets, olives, and cucumbers. The pita bread was amazingly seasoned and soft.

For an entree the Soul Platter is a good choice if you want to try a little bit of everything without committing to one main entree. The Mac and cheese! 🙌 can’t believe it’s vegan. I wish I could eat it everyday all day. The yams =😋 they are sweet! But just like I would expect from candied yams but not sending me into a sugar coma sweet. #win
The smothered tempeh opened my eyes to another vegan alternative to meat. I especially loved the mushroom gravy smothering it. The gravy was a bit salty so if you’re not a big salt fan order the gravy in the side. I actually love salt but I can taste that this would be too much for some people. The smothered tempeh dish was served with green beans and creamy mashed red potatoes. This entree was enough for leftovers or to share. Finally trying tempeh inspired me to buy some and make my own tempeh dishes. I’ve always been hesitant to use it in the past. I can definitely taste the love in the these dishes! 🤗

Like a week or so later!

So 1 more visit down down and many more to come. This time trying two different entrees I was not disappointed. I stuck to the same appetizer because I’ve been wanting it everyday since I first had it. If I had more time and money I would get take out from here just to try everything on the menu, but I will make it my mission to do so and let you know how long this takes me!

Okay furthermore! I ordered the BBQ tofu and the sides that came with it are potato salad and steamed kale. The tofu was fantastic nice and flavorful and a good texture, I’m all about the texture of my tofu it either makes or breaks the dish just like the flavor ( since Tofu can taste like anything) this tofu was not crisp but still firm. The BBQ sauce was not overly sweet and a bit tangy. I enjoyed it.

On to the sides I am huge potato salad fan, a connoisseur if you will. I make a good one and I learned how to because I couldn’t find a potato salad that I really like. I’ll make it one day and put it one my site.

But mine isn’t vegan..

this one is but any non vegan will feel just like I felt and want to order an extra side… it was the first part of my meal to go. I love my greens so that kale was great and much needed to keep the plate balanced. And it wasn’t bland kale either it was seasoned almost tasting smokey. I also ordered a side of candied yams which I had to get because they stuck out from my first visit and I couldn’t leave without eating them again.

The DVS burger is definitely good but not something I would recommend if you’re trying to convince your carnivore friend that vegan food can be basically the same. I like it because I like a healthy tasting meal. The veggie millet patty is not for everyone but a healthy alternative to the other types of veggie burgers. The bread on this burger was so soft on the inside but crispy on the outer layer just enough for holding and it was lightly sweet. Next time I’m going to order it and load it up with the add ons offered for this burger like sautéed mushrooms, avocado, coconut bacon, and vegan cheese. Can’t wait to take show you that picture so you can drool like I am right now.

Back again!

My favorite part of my visit this time was the veggie noodle soup! I don’t know how they do it but everything was right. The soup was very rich in ingredients not like some places with watery soups with too much broth and not enough flavor.. this soup was bomb dot com. So good that I had to get a bowl to go. Actually my mother and I would have taken the pot to go if that would have been an option. 😋😋

Seitan Pepper steak. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. The garlicky ginger flavor made this dish stand out. I like that every dish in Detroit Vegan Soul taste so different with such bright flavors. Every visit you can try something new and you can be sureit’s going to be fantastic. It has a texture that is a nice switch up from tofu this dish really taste like a tender steak. Now I haven’t had steak since I was 8 years old so take that with a grain of salt but the texture is like what I remembered. Because I started with a soup and the black bean hummus like I always get (I can’t get enough of that stuff) I had leftovers and the seitan pepper steak was even good reheated. 

Now on to the popular catfish tofu! Very crunchy and I loved every bit this wasn’t even my dish and I ate more than I should because sharing is caring! 😁 The redskin potatoes were flavorful and the corn medley added a sweetness that tied the dish together. 

Yum yumm going back for brunch soon!