I will be back here so many more times Maru is just what I wanted to see in the heart of Downtown Detroit an upscale Asian Resturant and the white and grey marble bar is perfection.

I want to jump right in and say the Mt. Veggie Udon soup is superb and I see myself ordering that to go a least a couple times. It was served with an inari nigiri or inarizushi which I’ve never had before it’s a thin slice of fried tofu stuffed with rice. I’ve worked at a Asian restaurant and eaten at so so many I was surprised at this new item. I liked it and I am happy this dish showed me new things. 
Walking in my friend and I noticed the restaurant was slow, which could be due to the weather, it was raining off and on all day, or because this place is new and not many people have heard about it. It was also the day after Christmas so no one or very few people were working downtown. But this didn’t matter to us we were hungry and liked that we were seated right away!

We chose to sit at the bar and ordered hot sake and miso soup to start which is a staple for me when I go to Asian places and I never expect to be wowed by the miso soup because I have it so much it all basically taste the same. But this was really good so that said something about this place to begin with.

On to the appetizers the Crabby Shrooms caught our attention it’s made panko fried and I love anything fried with, mushrooms, cream cheese, imitation crab salad (which is just white fish and look like crab but it’s not), and a honey garlic sauce so I tried one or two. I liked it but I wouldn’t order it just for myself. If you are into imitation crab anndd like mushrooms you should definitely order this appetizer.

The Archer sushi roll was so yummy. My favorite fruit is mango so when I saw the Archer veggie roll having mangos as an ingredient I knew it would be good. The green goodness sauce that came on it was slightly sweet and the vegetables and tofu balanced out the taste.

So all in all I can’t wait to visit this place again and will definitely be ordering the Mt. Veggie Udon Soup even if I have to get it to go.
Maru is in other Michigan locations but all in places I don’t frequent so I don’t think I’ll ever see them. If I am in the area of one I would, of course, try it out. It’s cool to see how small restaurants food changes throughout locations.