A great place to get tasty vegan and vegetarian entrees, Inn Season Cafe.

Inn Season Cafe

I would dedicate a bank account to Inn Season Café. Inn Season Cafe and Target 😆 I love these places! Inn Seasons specializes in vegetarian and vegan food.  I make up reasons to go to Inn Seasons when someone wants to get food in or near or nowhere near Royal Oak I suggest we eat here. The chai tea is thee BEST chai tea I have ever had and I would say I am a self proclaimed tea connoisseur with a specialty in chai tea. 😋 If you go here get it you’ll love it! It’s creamy, silky, chocolaty even, and taste a lot like heaven… I would think. 😇 The onlyyy down side is they only have soy milk! So no other milk alternatives like almond or coconut milk. I usually don’t drink regular soy milk but I make the exception for this place…. Since it’s so freaking yummy. The teacup they give with the teapot is the prettiest thing.

Inn season cafe chai tea


I order toooo much food here when I go. I always order a lot because I want extras it’s never really too much food because I eat it all eventually and I don’t mind leftovers.

After the initial bread that came out before our meal, which by the way the bread is fluffy and addicting so yea… Just so you know.

I ordered the santorini plate as an appetizer because it sounded amazing and I had really been wanting hummus. I’m loving beets lately especially sautéed like these were served. Artichoke hearts and my favorite middle eastern dish tabouli! I like it with extra lemon! Sweet red peppers, and olives, it comes with more bread.. Flat bread to be exact… I can’t stop eating bread and I don’t really want to limit myself too much because why would I even be so cruel.


Time for the main course! The Szechuan stir fry was my choice though a hard decision it was one I am happy I made. The brown rice had a very sticky consistency like sushi rice and I like it. The peanut sauce was also very full of flavor completing the meal by not being too overbearing. The last dish I ordered from Inn Season, the Cashew ginger stir fry, was too salty for me and I like salt. I am not sure what happened but I figured it was just too much shittake miso sauce. The Cashew ginger stir fry may be order with peanut sauce also so I’m going to do that one day.

Inn Season Cafe

Back to the Szechuan stir fry! This is such a vibrant dish. The colors are plentiful and I never thought I would actually eat red cabbage, I’m someone who picks all that out of bagged salads, but in this dish it worked amazing sautéing it is a great idea! Tons of other veggies in this dish too including the rice and tofu you really get a nice rounded meal. And this was definitely enough food for at least a dinner and lunch, especially if you order an appetizer like I did.


Happy eating!