Translating to -The Grill Steakhouse- for all you non Spanglish speakers.

I visit El Asador during the week for lunch. It feels like my hidden secret because walking in you would think you have had the place rented out in your honor. I’m not sure why this happens because with guacamole this good there should be a line wrapped around the corner at all times.

Although El Asador is in Southwest Detroit it’s not near the Main Street Mexican food restaurants, this could be a contributing factor as to why it is slow whenever I visit. There is a private parking lot and street parking so parking is not a hassle. This is definitely a plus especially in Detroit.


Now back to the guacamole! It is made table side which I know people love, personally I don’t care where they make it as long as it’s good so this is the best of both worlds. Even the chips and salsa are good if you aren’t a guacamole fan. I love crispy, crispy chips. These tortilla chips are served warm with a side of salsa, as you would expect in a Mexican restaurant. But the difference here is that these chips are not only just the right amount of crispy but are also thick, perfect for dipping chunky guacamole. I am currently resisting eating the order of chips and guac. I ordered to go since I ate my body weight in chips yesterday.

Just when I thought I couldn’t eat anymore out came my Mole de Gallina. This is a chicken dish topped by a chile spiced sauce with a hint of chocolate. I always thought it was a weird combo but one day I tried it and haven’t turned away since. This dish is usually served with refined beans and rice but I subbed vegetables instead. Trying to balance out my chip overhaul. Also pictured a side of tortillas that come with the meal.


So all in all this place is quite casual and if you want to impress a guacamole lover take them here.