Hi I discovered something amazing! So I have to share this!

Nectarine stir fry

My recently favorite thing to do is add stone fruit to my stir-fry! I’ve been using nectarines lately and it adds a jolt of juicy flavor. I love the fact that this is easy to make and literally just use what vegetables you have and add some protein like tofu, chicken, or whatever you prefer. I love stir fry you get a large dish of food for lunch and leftovers! It’s really good and filling and this pineapple sauce is amazing! Ghee  makes everything taste good it’s better than butter which makes me feel great about using it!

To prep my tofu I press the water out of it using paper towel and a baking pan. Then bake the tofu for 20 minutes to keep it crispy before I sauté it.

Pineapple sauce

So I mixed this pineapple sauce with this vegetable broth to make a really freaking flavorful sauce then tossed a 14 oz. block of tofu with this sauce and let it sit for 30 minutes to soak up the flavor while I sautéed 2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables. If you think about cooking this ahead of time you can sauté the tofu overnight.


marinate tofu

 Nutritional yeast has my heart it’s full of vitamin B-12 and it gives whatever dish you’re using it in a creamy flavor with little calories but a whole lot of vitamins and protein! 💪 I sprinkled it on top of the tofu before baking it. 

Nutritional yeast

Add the tofu to the vegetables and cook for about 5 minutes.

stir fry no nectarine yet

 And here is a picture of the ghee!


Then add the nectarine last because it doesn’t need to cook but heating it up and mixing it gives the dish extra flavor which I love lovveee love!

nectarine stirfry

This is enough to make two servings maybe even 3 but I really like to eat food so only 2 servings for me. So have fun with this new idea like adding fruit to your stir-frys and let me know what you think!