Wake Up Drinks

I have a very specific wake up regimen that I might write about in detail later. This regimen is very important to be I absolutely have to follow it and if I don’t I feel like my day is somewhat off.

The most important steps of my regimen, however, is what I chose to put in my body.

The absolute first thing I do is drink WATER! It is imperative that I have a water bottle next to my bed at all times throughout the night. I wake up parched and I grab for it first thing. I like to put lemon slices in my warm water before I go to sleep. Then in the morning the lemon water is ready for consumption.

The second thing is literally one of my favorite things to do in the morning! As lame as tha sounds.

I call this drink my FIRST THING FIRST. It’s something I have been making for years. I have made it a point to drink it in the morning before I eat because I know it is good to jumpstart my digestive system. It consist of:

  • Morning routine tea gtgeCayenne pepper
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Clove
  • Raw honey

All of these ingredients have do a great job of getting your body ready to start the day. I will make a post where I describe the benefit of every ingredient and link it here. They all are great benefits and knowing what it does for my body really makes me want to drink it every day!

The third thing I do depends on the amount of time I have but I tend to make time because it’s so yum and makes me feel great.

I make a smoothie this can also double as my breakfast. I usually use whatever I have but I try to make sure I always have kale, bananas, and berries. I freeze all three ingredients so they don’t go bad. If I have carrots, apples, or mangos…etc… I’ll add those too. It’s just really about getting a good healthy does of nutrients first thing in the morning. I have several recipes I will post. I add different ingredients based on my needs and I would love to share those!

If this seems like a lot please don’t be intimidated .This whole routine is not as lengthy as it sounds in writing just think of it like just drinking water, drinking tea and making a smoothie. I tend to drink my tea while I am making my smoothie and drink my smoothie while I’ll getting ready for the rest of my day.

From then on I go about my day eating as healthy as I can.