The first thing that really caught my eye was the veggie chili. I love a good hearty veggie chili and roasted corn adds a nice hint of sweet. There is a lot of herbs in here although it lacked something couldn’t put my finger on it but I feel like it was as simple as salt or lemon? The crunchy tortillas were nice and added Mexican flair reminded me of a chicken tortilla soup. I use to eat those all the time! 

One time for the brussel sprouts! I just recently tried brussel sprouts in the past I just automatically assumed I wouldn’t like them… I was wrong! So I just recently became fond of these sprouts but so far I’ve only tried them sautéed. The side order of Brussels included shiitake and oyster mushrooms sautéed all together so I had to get them. Onions are there too which added even more flavor plus the maple honey vinaigrette is a tasty addition I love that sweet and salty combo! 
The side of fries were so yum I couldn’t stop eating that truffle mayo it made me forget about calories. I just want that stuff on everything all day everyday. I know this truffle mayo would take a turkey avocado sandwich to the next level! I have to try making it. Yum!! So ya if you go here get the truffle mayo it’s non regrettable. 😁
I talked my lunch date aka my mom into getting the waffle it’s on the specials menu and you have to get a specials menu dish becauseee they’re special duh! But really because it’s only there for a limited time! I didn’t want to not be able to try it and I had other things I wanted to try. 

Okay. So.

It was thee best choice! The topping so heavenly creamy it was better than any waffle topping I’ve ever had it was good like buttery, thick ice cream but no brain freeze! 😋😋 I loved the cheesecake bites inside honestly that’s what sold me into making me get my mom to order this Heaven’s Hollarin Waffle 😂. And she loved it so it was a win win! If you go anytime soon and catch this waffle on the menu order it! 

Dime Store – Brunch Detroit – Breakfast, Lunch & Booze