places for good eats

places for good eats

Inyo West Bloomfield

Inyo West Bloomfield Golden Roll

Inyo Recap I love asian cuisine like cannot get enough! If you have ever asked me what I want to eat you probably know this. So I have visited Inyo in Ferndale many times in the past. I alwaaayyyyssss ALAWAYS get miso soup whenever I go to a Japanese inspired Resturant it’s a must for me. …

places for good eats

Prime 29

Prime 29 sea bass

Prime 29 Review Sea Bass is one of my favorite pieces of fish so getting one incorrectly cooked can be extremely disappointing. Prime 29 did a fantastic job at cooking this Chilean Sea Bass. My tummy smiled and my face lit up with every bite. I was so excited! I thought to myself how I …

places for good eats

Paramount Fine Foods 

I took a trip to Orlando, FL last week for my birthday! I really wanted to try out an establishment in the area which had just opened but meehh wasn’t wowed. Luckily I found Paramount Fine Foods and had a great lunch. Everything about this restaurant from the excellent, friendly server, and very caring chef is …

places for good eats

Inn Season Cafe

Inn Season cafe

A great place to get tasty vegan and vegetarian entrees, Inn Season Cafe. I would dedicate a bank account to Inn Season Café. Inn Season Cafe and Target 😆 I love these places! Inn Seasons specializes in vegetarian and vegan food.  I make up reasons to go to Inn Seasons when someone wants to get food …

places for good eats

Cafe Muse Recap

Cafe Muse Menu

  I recently tried Cafe Muse after wanting to visit to have their Breakfast for a while now. Finally ending up at Cafe Muse although not for breakfast nor Brunch but Lunch!  I was visiting Royal Oak, MI to get crepes with my mom just to find out my favorite creperie closed early. My mother and …