Cafe Muse Menu


I recently tried Cafe Muse after wanting to visit to have their Breakfast for a while now. Finally ending up at Cafe Muse although not for breakfast nor Brunch but Lunch!  I was visiting Royal Oak, MI to get crepes with my mom just to find out my favorite creperie closed early. My mother and I decided to go to Cafe Muse right down the street. Now the dinner menu didn’t wow me or excite my taste buds as much as the breakfast menu but there were about 3 things that made me want to stay. I like to have a bit of a variety because, honestly, I will order at least 4-5 different plates to split with another person.

Having options and variety plus having more food in front of me makes me do a happy dance. I also don’t mind leftovers. IF I have any. EVER


The Cremini Mushroom bisque.

Cremini Mushroom Bisque Cafe Muse .JPG

Cremini Mushroom Bisque Cafe Muse

Now I LOVE mushrooms so I had to order this.

The texture was a bit gummy and oily but maybe my soups chef was too happy with the truffle oil? I kept trying to eat it telling myself, “It’ll get better.” …..


It didn’t. 

I didn’t think I would’ve ever had a mushroom centered dish I didn’t like.

Turns out I was wrong.

Well my entrée has come out ANNNNNDDDD



Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie Cafe Muse

Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie Cafe Muse

This didn’t look like a Pot pie to me but I like the creativeness so I dig in.

I also like bread so I go for a piece of the top first… It was DRY which made me SAD.

I said, ” that’s because I didn’t try it with the vegetables.”

So I tried it with the vegetables.

Still No Good.

Now I’m sitting here sad feeling slightly heart-broken.

I’m still planning to visit during Breakfast because I have already had my sight set on their breakfast.

Now that breakfast menu looks enticing.

I am almost positive It’ll be a better experience when I return. I am optimistic. But this is definitely not a go to dinner spot.  For me.


See You Soon!