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    Paramount Fine Foods 

    I took a trip to Orlando, FL last week for my birthday! I really wanted to try out an establishment in the area which had just opened but meehh wasn’t wowed. Luckily I found Paramount Fine Foods and had a great lunch. Everything about this restaurant from the excellent, friendly server, and very caring chef is …

  • Drinks

    The Remy Sparkler

    A Good Times Good Eats staple drink the Remy Sparkler 🍾 Tell me if I’m crazy, actually, don’t tell me I already know. Mixing Remy and champagne? I’ve been drinking this for a while now and just started adding blueberries and lime to it makes me NEED to share this drink. Even if it is …

  • chocolate beet smoothie

    Chocolate beet smoothie

    Yes Beets and Yes! This is actually really good!  A chocolate beet smoothie!   This chocolate beet smoothie is so refreshing not to mention the color is beyonnndd beautiful. I have been really getting into beets lately I was NOT a fan before but I have been slowly trying them out and they aren’t so …

  • Inn Season cafe
    places for good eats

    Inn Season Cafe

    A great place to get tasty vegan and vegetarian entrees, Inn Season Cafe. I would dedicate a bank account to Inn Season Café. Inn Season Cafe and Target 😆 I love these places! Inn Seasons specializes in vegetarian and vegan food.  I make up reasons to go to Inn Seasons when someone wants to get food …