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  • Morning Superfood Smoothie

    Morning Superfood Smoothie

    It’s morning time. I’m hungry and tired. This is my morning. I need to get out of this slump and get my subconscious focused on having a productive and healthy day. This smoothie is easy and quick to make. Basically. Yummiest daysaver ever!        I start with brewing espresso so I can let that …

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    National Cheese Day Macaroni 

    I love love love making mac and cheese at my house everyone loves it too! In honor of National Cheese Day here are some snaps from two different Mac and cheeses I made and loved! I’m thinking a recipe post will soon follow.      😍  This is one with chives and a little bit of …

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    Protein packed breakfast

        I love breakfast food and I love salmon. As much as I wanted smoked salmon I only had fresh salmon on hand and decided to just go with baking that. This is a high protein breakfast that kept me satisfied for hourssss!!  I seasoned the Quinoa to perfection and sautéed baby portebella mushrooms, sweet …

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    Favorite Cinnamon Granola Pancakes

    I love when I have desires to eat something and I have no idea where to get it because this leads me to create it on my own.                 I woke up wanting crunchy and sweet pancakes. Granola is crunchy it’s sweet and is really good in these pancakes! Milk …