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    Morning detox tea!

    I’ve been drinking this for years. And with the weather changing in Michigan I drink it everyday and I am making sure I don’t miss any vitamins! Prevention is the best for dealing with sickness. This morning detox tea is a great jumpstart to your day. It’s refreshing and full of great flavor so you …

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    Eats places for good eats

    Mex Restaurant 

    A hip colorful Mexican Resturant! I love their twist on Mexican food by adding a modern flair! From the moment you pull up to the scene it screams “I’m different!” So I was instantly excited about seeing what they had to offer. We arrived during the hour in between brunch and dinner so the kitchen …

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    Easy Nectarine stirfry!

    Hi I discovered something amazing! So I have to share this! My recently favorite thing to do is add stone fruit to my stir-fry! I’ve been using nectarines lately and it adds a jolt of juicy flavor. I love the fact that this is easy to make and literally just use what vegetables you have …

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    Daily Infused Water Drinks

    Lemon mint water 

     I like making this kind of water really just to sit it on my counter because it looks so pretty there. It’s refreshing to drink lemon water in the morning and it jumpstarts your digestion system after you’ve been fasting all night.  The mint wakes you up and helps with digestion as well. Mint is …

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    Eats places for good eats

    Dime Store

     The first thing that really caught my eye was the veggie chili. I love a good hearty veggie chili and roasted corn adds a nice hint of sweet. There is a lot of herbs in here although it lacked something couldn’t put my finger on it but I feel like it was as simple as …

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    places for good eats

    Seva Detroit 

    Okay simply casual great place for vegan and vegetarian options in midtown Detroit. They offer beer, hard ciders, wine, liqour, smoothies, and shakes.   As for parking it’s not my favorite and it’s hard to find. It’s down a alley on the side of the building. The parking lot is rocks and dirt and is very …

  • Rose Razz Rum Cocktail

    Rose Razz Rum Cocktail

      The Rose Rum Cocktail for any get together. This drink is first off.. One word. Amazing. It is something that you would want to bring to a get together. Maybe put it in a to-go cup and take it out with your friends on a boat 😎, to a picnic, or to the beach. It is …

  • Inyo West Bloomfield Golden Roll
    places for good eats

    Inyo West Bloomfield

    Inyo Recap I love asian cuisine like cannot get enough! If you have ever asked me what I want to eat you probably know this. So I have visited Inyo in Ferndale many times in the past. I alwaaayyyyssss ALAWAYS get miso soup whenever I go to a Japanese inspired Resturant it’s a must for me. …

  • Prime 29 sea bass
    places for good eats

    Prime 29

    Prime 29 Review Sea Bass is one of my favorite pieces of fish so getting one incorrectly cooked can be extremely disappointing. Prime 29 did a fantastic job at cooking this Chilean Sea Bass. My tummy smiled and my face lit up with every bite. I was so excited! I thought to myself how I …