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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 10

    I made it Day 10 complete!  Literally ecstatic! I don’t know if I would have ever noticed how much sugar is in so many things like sauces and seasonings! It is usually the first or second ingredient surprisingly. Almost every condiment I own started off with high fructose corn syrup or sugar. I love the …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 8 

    The day after Thanksgiving! After getting about 7 hours of sleep I felt super refreshed. I usually need 8-9 hours but today 7 hours was just as good! I’m so happy that I started this no refined sugar challenge.  I’ve still been taking garlic every day just cutting up the cloves and chasing it with …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 7

    !!!!!!!!!!! Had my sugarless sweet potatoes! (Never thought I would be excited to say that) 🤔 but anyways, as a result, Thanksgiving wasn’t that bad after all! I survived yes, I’m still alive. I wanted to eat the cake, pies, and donuts, my favorite! But I didn’t which is amazing I literally almost relapsed 15 …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 6 

    Today was easy peaszzy I mean which is scary because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it won’t be easy. I might have to hide in a corner curled in a ball because of all the Thanksgiving Foods I love and won’t be able to eat, especially the sweet potatoes , (oh god the sweet potatoes ) …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 5 

    Wow can’t believe it’s been 5 days! No wonder the sugar cravings are so strong. Today waking up was fine I got right up ran a few errands and went to a couple grocery stores. I got a lot accomplished but when I got to work later on that evening I crashed! I felt exhausted! …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 4

    This morning I was extra groggy. I didn’t feel like getting out of bed in fact the only reason why I got out of my nice, warm, and comfortable bed is to let my dog out. I promised myself “As soon as I let Sophie out I’m getting right back in the bed” but after …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 2

    Sugar Rehab: Day 2 The hardest part is remembering that I’m actually not eating refined sugar! I keep reaching for stuff or almost drinking pop. But eating sugar is a habit I’m going to have to break. I have made it this far… which isn’t that far but all of two days. Today I thought …

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    Sugar Rehab Diary: Day 1

    Day 1 no refined sugar Today was the first day I decided to stop eating refined sugar. I am doing fine so far and the first day I expected it to be easy so this is no big deal. I’m staying away from honey for right now today is Sunday so maybe I’ll introduce honey …